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View our full range of Lawn Bowls Measures.  Available in a variety of colours and options. Next Day Delivery Available.

Lawn Bowls Ivorine Measuring Pegs
Peg measures are more commonly used in the game of Crown Green and are...
Drakes Pride Leather Accessory Pouch
Leather pouch can be clipped onto your waistband of your skirt or trou...
Tournament TX-330 11ft Bowls Measures
All models are manufactured to exacting standards to incorporate a sec...
Boule Expert Steel Bowls Measure
A 2 metre steel tape measure with scorer and attached callipers.
Drakelock 10Ft Steel Measure
10ft Steel measure with calipers Available in Orange, Yellow, Black, G...
Supalock 9FT String Measure
Rinklock 11Ft String Measure
11ft String Measure Available in Maroon, White or Sky Blue.
Henselock Lawn Bowls Measure
This high quality measure extends to 7’ and comes complete with callip...
Lawn Bowls Measuring Calipers
For precise close tolerance measuring.
Drakes Pride Rubber Wedge Set
Rubber bowls wedges for when you need to measure an unstable bowl. Set...
Drakes Pride 100Ft Measuring Tape
Can be used for both Crown Green & Lawn Bowls greens.
Gadd Auto-Retractable Tape
With Brake. Gadd Lawn Bowls Auto-Retracktable Tape
Drakes Pride Complete Umpires Kit
Official Umpires kit as used at the 2010 Delhi Commonwealth Games and ...
Thomas Taylor Multi Angle Wedge
A muli-functional rubber wedge by Thomas Taylor