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An internationally successful company, Taylors remains a Scottish family business which was owned and run by the Taylor family for 196 years before the Heron family took it over in 1992.

Taylors pride themselves on their customer service and their Innovation they constantly and successfully strive to be at the forefront of bowls technology and consistently leave their competitors trailing behind, whether the objective is exciting new products or improved quality and consistency. This applies to our clothing, bags, shoes and other accessories just as much as it does to our bowls.


Thomas Taylor Lazer Lawn Bowls
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Thomas Taylor Vector VS Coloured Bowls
Indoor model with minimum bias. Perfect for fast surfaces and indoor g...
Thomas Taylor Vector VS Black Bowls
The Thomas Taylor Vector is an indoor model with minimum bias.
Thomas Taylor Blaze Coloured Bowls
An all purpose bowl, runs between a Vector VS and the Ace and has a di...
Thomas Taylor Blaze Black Bowls
An all purpose bowl, the bias runs between a Vector VS and the Ace mod...
Thomas Taylor Ace Lawn Bowls
Mid-line model. A slightly wider drawing arc than the Vector VS but wi...
Thomas Taylor Ace Black Bowls
The Ace is a mid-line model. A slightly wider drawing arc than the Vec...
Thomas Taylor Junior Ace Lawn Bowls
The ‘Junior Ace‘ bowl demonstrates Taylor‘s ongoing commitment to yout...
Thomas Taylor Legacy SL Lawn Bowls
The ideal model for the slimmer hand. Medium bias with a controlled sw...
Thomas Taylor Lignoid Lawn Bowls
The Lignoid is the outdoor Model. Predominantly an outdoor bowl with a...
Thomas Taylor Choose Your Own Logo
Thomas Taylor offer the option of specifying your logo from one of the...
Thomas Taylor International Black
Back by popular demand the International from Thomas Taylor.
Thomas Taylor International Coloured
Back by popular demand the International from Thomas Taylor. Made to o...