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A vast selection of towels and chamois to prevent damage to and absorb moisture from bowls when cleaning them off.  An essential accessory for any bowler. 

Drakes Pride Polishing Duster
Soft cotton duster which will not damage your bowls when using it to c...
Emsmorn Bowlers Hand Towel
Emsmorn Logo design . 100% cotton - green & white.
Emsmorn Microfibre Bowls Towel
Ultra fine Microfibres provide 8 times regular towel absorbency.
Drakes Pride Polishing Sleeve
Designed to be used with bowls sheen to clean your bowls.
Henselite Bowls Deluxe Chamois
PVA foam chamois with phenominal liquid absorbing properties.
Lawn Bowls Luxury Towel (with hoop)
Fabric 100% Ringspun Cotton, Weight 550gsm, Size 30 x 50 cm.
Lawn Bowls Plain Hand Towel
Towel in a lot of colours 100 % cotton terry 420 g/m² Size: 30 x 50 cm...
Thomas Taylor Grip-Dri Towel
GRIPDRI is particularly effective in wet conditions. The new fabric at...
Drakes Pride Microfibre Bowls Towel
Microfibre bowls towel from Drakes Pride
Bugger Towel
Shotbowl Exclusive Bugger Towel
Henselite Quick Dry Cloth
Henselite Quick Dry Cloth
Henselite Buffing Cloth
Henselite Buffing Cloth
Thomas Taylor Grip Cloth Mitt
Thomas Taylor Grip Cloth Mitt